SE Group has been engaged by the City of Aspen to undertake a third-party assessment of the Lift 1A replacement project as it relates to proposed developments of the Gorsuch Haus and Lift One Lodge properties, and create a skiers’ link to the original ski area portal near Dean Street. SE Group’s assessment involves evaluating potential optional lift configurations, and outlining regulatory, physical, and operational considerations for providing enhanced skier access to the original mountain portal near Dean Street.

A total of nine different scenarios were analyzed for the replacement of Lift 1A, representing a broad range of lift configurations and skier return routes servicing a potential skier portal at the proposed public transit drop-off at the southeast corner of South Aspen and Dean Streets. This is an initial study of options related to the replacement of Lift 1A, which is based only on an evaluation of key planning determinants related to the Skier Experience, the Functionality and Operations aspects of the options, broad-scale Land Ownership considerations, and Regulatory factors related to lift installations and the historic Lift 1 structures. This study does not include a detailed engineering analysis, evaluation of commercial/lodging impacts and viability, legal constraints or neighborhood outreach, and it must be recognized that any of these factors could render an option infeasible.

You can view the full report here