Gorsuch Haus cut 80 feet in length,
complies with Lodge zoning

Room count reduced, public space outdoor increased by 25 percent 

The revised Gorsuch Haus proposal has been dramatically changed in response to direction from City Council.

One key features of the new plan includes a 25 percent increase in the amount of public outdoor space, including a larger turnaround circle and a widened entrance to the ski lift area.  This is possible because of the reduced building size, allowing more of the Gorsuch Haus property to be dedicated to outdoor public uses and a second skier-services oriented building.

Another key feature is a new small building planned across the turnaround circle from the hotel that will house skier services and ticketing, a patrol room, public lockers and affordable housing.

The hotel building has been redesigned so its size is well below the maximum allowed by the city’s lodge district zoning regulations. Some of the key changes include:

  • A building that is 80 feet shorter than previously proposed
  • A building that is predominantly three stories and 40 feet in height from existing grade
  • The total hotel project square footage — the above grade portions of the hotel and restaurant plus the below grade uses like parking, hotel and restaurant operations, meeting rooms, etc. — has been reduced from 102,500 square feet to a revised total of 84,500 square feet, a 17 percent reduction
  • The total above grade floor area (which goes toward determining FAR) has been reduced close to 9,000 square feet from 68,500 s.f. to 59,665 s.f., a 13 percent reduction


The building’s program has been updated and includes:

  • Total keys: 79 in the new building versus 81 in the previous application
  • Average room size (including the lock-off rooms in the restricted condominiums) is 417 square feet in the new building which is the same as the room size in the previous proposal
  • The number of free market residential units has been cut to four condominiums in the new building, down from six units in the previous application

In comparison to other Aspen hotel and time-share properties, the revised Gorsuch Haus application is considerably smaller.

  • Gorsuch Haus’s average room size of 417 square feet is the smallest in town, with the next largest being the 485 foot average room at the Limelight and the largest being the Residences at Little Nell with an average room size of 750 square feet
  • The 79 keys at Gorsuch Haus would be the smallest number in town; the next lowest is the Residences at Little Nell with 85 keys; the highest key count is at the St. Regis, with 179 keys
  •  The floor area at Gorsuch Haus is 59,665 square feet, considerably less than the neighboring Lift One Lodge which comes in second lowest at 76,123 square feet. The floor areas for other hotels include the Little Nell at 83,265 square feet, the Hotel Jerome at 114,934 square feet and the Limelight at 134,700 square feet.

March 27, 2017 — Updated Rendering

March 27, 2017 — Updated Rendering