Gorsuch Haus developers keep project in front of public

Rick Carroll, June 6, 2017

The St. Mortiz Lodge is home to signs speaking out against the Gorsuch Haus' proposed lift location on Aspen Mountain.

While the City Council runoff is set Tuesday, June 6, another campaign is being waged about the future of the Lift 1A side of Aspen Mountain.

The Gorsuch Haus proposal, as it stands, won't go before Aspen's electorate, with its fate likely up to the City Council. Still, Gorsuch Haus organizers are seeking an opinion from Aspen's court of public opinion through a mass mailing they sent out late last month. More than 2,700 fliers were mailed to registered voters who live in Aspen to gauge their level of support for the project.

"We realize that not everyone watches the City Council meetings (on GrassRoots Community Television) and don't read the papers, and we want to get out in front of it and let people have the opportunity to show us support, or not show support," said project spokesman Allyn Harvey.

The flier asks residents to respond with the options that they are satisfied with the current design, are undecided, or cannot support the Gorsuch Haus under any conditions.

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