Aspen City Council agreed Tuesday to continue its pursuit of moving the 1A chairlift, located at the base of Aspen Mountain's west side, as close to town as possible.

That now comes in the form of drilling down two scenarios that were presented by the consulting firm, SE Group. Last October, SE presented to council nine options for replacing lift 1A. Two have been selected, with modifications.

A more detailed study by SE will consider the merits of the first option, which would extend the lift south of Gilbert Street. The second lift scenario brings it down farther, extending it south of Dean Street and just uphill from the historic Lift One terminal.

But council also added two of its own options — a possible mid-loading station where the current 1A chairlift is located, along with the Dean Street scenario. First suggested by Councilman Ward Hauenstein last fall, a mid station would allow for repeat skiing on that side of the mountain. However, Aspen Skiing Co.'s position is that the area is too narrow to accommodate a loading station and still provide an adequate guest and skiing experience.

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