The land which Norway Island Partners is acquiring is within the City of Aspen. The property includes 18 historic City of Aspen lots, which have been used for 75 years for skiing and recreational purposes.

Gorsuch Haus proposes to rezone the property from the Conservation (C) District to Ski Area Base (SKI). The SKI district is specifically tailored to accommodate a ski resort’s base location and will allow for the redevelopment of the outdated ski lift and facilities onsite; in addition, a complementary mixed-use lodge, restaurant and associated public amenities are included in the master plan.

The approvals process will include the following required reviews: Rezoning, Planned Development – Project Review, Subdivision Review, Growth Management Reviews, 8040 Greenline and Mountain View Plane Reviews, and Conceptual Commercial Design Review.  [ Learn More.. ]


Approvals for the Gorsuch Haus will involve a three-step review process. Following the Gorsuch Haus application submission Community Development staff will review the submittal and submit recommendations to the City of Aspen Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z). P&Z will hold a Project Review with duly noticed public hearings and will make a recommendation to the Aspen City Council. City Council will hold a second Project Review with public hearings after which the City Council may approve, approve with conditions or deny the application. The third step is a P&Z review requiring a second application for both Final Commercial Design and Planned Development Detailed Reviews. 

Current Lift 1A Site

Note: In advance of all public meetings, the following public notice will occur:

  • A posting in the legal section of The Aspen Times
  • Notice to all neighbors within 300 feet of the project to their legal mailing address and by-hand to the physical address
  • Legal posting on the project site
  • Update on our public Meetings Calendar