A Timeline of the lift 1a assessment

February 5, 2019: Special election on the plans for relocating Lift 1A to the original site of the Lift 1 portal, a revised Lift One Lodge Plan and the Gorsuch Haus proposal.

October 2018: City Council continues review and hopefully approves the corridor plan, Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus.

September 2018: City Council first reading of the Lift One Corridor Plan and Lift One Lodge revised application. Second reading of the Gorsuch Haus proposal. (Note: Gorsuch Haus currently has an application in front of City Council which it is revising to accommodate the new lift.)

August 2018: Planning & Zoning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission review and make recommendations on the Lift One Corridor plan and revisions to the Lift One Lodge site plan. (Note: Lift One Lodge has an existing approval for two buildings that needs to be revised to accommodate the new lift.)

June 2018: The Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission and Open Space and Parks Board get a first look at the plan and all express their initial support.

May 2018: The City of Aspen Community Development Department presents the fruits of a year long effort that will allow Lift 1A to be relocated a short distance from Dean Street, close to the original Lift 1 portal to Aspen Mountain. The new lift will be about 500 feet closer to town than the current loading area for Lift 1A, which has been in operation since 1971.

March 2017: Gorsuch Haus, Lift One Lodge, the Aspen Skiing Co. and the City of Aspen hire the SE Group, a consultancy that specializes in ski area development, to study possible lift alignments to bring Lift 1A closer to the core of Aspen.  Over the next year, the four stakeholders meet numerous times to discuss their needs for a plan to work.

March 2016: Gorsuch Haus submits plan for a new hotel and lift at the top of South Aspen Street, triggering a community discussion about the lift’s location and the possibility of moving back down the hill to the original starting point of Lift 1.